Capturing The Boomer Vote

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Unlike their parents before them, boomers vote less along party lines and more based on the issues. Why does this happen and how can the candidates take advantage of this?

In the households of many boomers, their parents were typically democrats or republicans and usually voted strictly along party lines. Their children were obviously influenced by this; however, these same children have broken away from that type of behavior. A few reasons could be:

  • Boomers have heard so many lies from politicians that they no longer believe or trust a politician just because he or she represents the party they support. Instead, boomers tend to find a candidate they can believe in who also represents what their interests are.

  • Political parties tend to be dominated by the left or right, which does not necessarily represent the majority of boomers. Instead, boomers are again looking for a candidate that representshe way they look at things.

  • Boomer vote with more self-interest in mind than their parents did. They tend to view entitlements and obligations on their terms. For example, they do not believe they owe the country certain obligations such as military service and paying more taxes. The candidates that address the issues that affect boomers directly are more likely to capture their vote.

Obviously, the war is a major issue. Other issues will be the economy, alternative fuel development, health care and immigration.

As boomers begin to see their parents growing older, they continue to show more interest in how to pay for the care they will need. A recent article showed that boomers are going to have to account for the possibility of using a certain percentage of their retirement funds to help pay for the needs of their parents. Obviously, any politician who can address this issue will not only capture the interest of the boomers, but of their parents as well. This is going to be a growing issue in future elections that needs to be addressed.

The recent turnout of young voters has made all the headlines lately. Candidates are clamoring for the youth vote, using the internet sites such as myspace, youtube and facebook to try and connect with them. While the youth vote can be important, candidates should not forget that boomers make up a much larger and more influential segment of the population. The message for younger voters differs from that of the boomers. Younger voters are not as concerned with health care issues such as paying for long term care like assisted living and home health care, Medicare cuts and saving social security. Since boomers tend to vote on issues and not parties, the candidates need to walk a thin line to appease the younger voter and still stay in touch with the boomers.

People have been voting along party lines since the days of the revolution. It is refreshing to see people vote on the issues instead. The politicians will address all the issues, now it depends on who the boomers feel addresses them to their liking.

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Capturing The Boomer Vote

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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