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It is upon us again, every four years we watch as the candidates for President take over the television, radio and print media in an effort to win the nomination for their respective parties and our vote to become the leader of the United States of America. Over the years I have heard many people (friends, family and total strangers) explain why they voted for a particular candidate and it has been full spectrum, from the way they (the candidate) smiled, to the way they (the candidate) talk (not to be mistaken with what they say), to I always vote for the republicans or democrats or whoever, or some issue that they feel strongly for or against that makes them feel compelled to try to justify their vote and choice to me.

Yes make no mistake, I was one of them, the justifiers, you know the general public that wonders if they can trust the candidate to do what they promised and be the person we believed in and voted for. And yes I know I said I was one of them. Over the years I came to realize that it did not much matter who won the election or if it was the candidate I voted for or not, that come Monday morning I still had to go to work and provide for my family, as I am sure you do. But I thought about all the research I had done to pick the correct candidate with views that I most agreed with and then it hit me that maybe my views were not that important, maybe I was thinking to small, just maybe life was a little bigger maybe the whole picture was bigger. Monday morning and I am off to work just like every Monday morning, providing for my family, my family, that was it my family, that was the most important thing, providing for them that was why I went to work, that and the fact that I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. (Not sure what or who to blame for that slip up)

New understanding of the important matters at hand, I set out to take a different approach next time but I wanted to make sure that my vote was big picture bound, my big picture and that I would not have to justify my action as it would be back up with solid data and that I would know that my choice was the right choice for me and my family. I started by researching how different industries faired with different political parties in office, you know how did they do when it was a republican versa how did they do when it was a democrat, this proved to be very interesting as I found that it did in fact matter.

I then compared my earnings over the years to see if it held true to the test and after factoring in the changes in the cost of living and my position at that given time with what that position is currently making I noticed that certain industries do fair better than others depending on which party is in office. Much to my surprise I found that I had voted against my industry of employment more than once and my income had in fact suffered during those years. Now armed with this information I will vote accordingly and should the industry I am employed in change I will research that industry and how it faired and vote accordingly. I invite you to set aside the campaign rhetoric, the promises, all the media hype and check this out do the research with no bias and no preconceived ideas as to outcome and vote you're conscience. If you dare!

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Vote - If You Dare

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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