Voting - Ignorance is Not Bliss

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They say ignorance is bliss. I say it's just ignorant! There are too many people that will cast their vote without looking at the candidates or knowing the facts. A popular campaign slogan is "We Need Change!" How smart! Look at the present administration and how people are unhappy and build your campaign around that. Ingenious. Why? Because people will buy into it and vote for you! Regardless of what you believe or what you know or how much experience you have.

Yes, sad to say there are actually people who will vote for Barak Obama just because he is a democrat. "My dad voted Democrat and his dad voted democrat, so I will always vote democrat." How STUPID! Or just as bad is "The Republicans have been in the White House for eight years and look at the mess we're in! We need a change!" What kind of change are you voting for? Do you even know?

I'm not addressing this to the die-hard liberals out there that will vote for Barak Obama. They know what they believe and they know what he stands for. I have more respect for them than I do the voter that I mentioned above, who does not have a clue. If you know Barak Obama, according to his voting record, is the most liberal U.S. senator and you want to vote for him, go ahead. If you know he voted against the ban on partial birth abortion, you have no problem with that, and you still want to vote for him, go ahead. If you know of all the ties he has to radical Muslims, terrorists, and criminals and you still have no problem voting for him, go ahead and cast your vote. You know what you are doing!

Don't be a voter who goes to the poles with little knowledge of who you are voting for. I have voted every year since I have able to and I never vote for someone that I have no information on just because they are of a certain party. I abstain from voting in that category. Around our parts we have what are called "yellow dog democrats". These are people who insist on voting for a democrat just because they are democrat, regardless of who is running. Again, STUPID! Get your heads out of the sand and do a little research. Stop watching liberal leaning news programs and making your decisions based on what they say. Be an informed voter. Don't be ignorant!

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Voting - Ignorance is Not Bliss

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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